Cinch Dance Unlimited

A Dance Studio in Auckland offering teaching from three Bellydance Schools


 The following videos are from the 2010 Magic Carpet Tour show.  The premise of the show was to travel the world using its many peoples to explore and inspire choreographies.  Enjoy!

  EGYPT. A choreography to celebrate Egyptian dance.  "Mystic Caravan" composed by Mosavo.


Madagascar to Sacha Baron Cohen's "I like to move it".


  LONDON. A choreography to represent London inspired by "Soul Bosa Nova" composed

by Quincy Jones.


   INDIA. A Bollywood Gypsy choreography to a fusion composition by Desi Hangama


   NEW ZEALAND.  "Slice of Heaven" by Dave Dobbyn.   A Tribal fusion choreography.


  AURORA BOREALIS (Northern Lights)  Hayley poi-ing to "Lebanese Blonde"

by Thievery Corporation.


   RAPA NUI (Easter Island) a Tribal choreography to "Soul Echoes" by The Spirit of Trees


   MEDITERRANE. A choreography to "Dope Crunk" by Beats Antique with a Greek dancing influence.


  CHINA.  Dragon vs Phoenix choreography to Solace's composition "Dragon vs Sword".

My favourite!


   SPAIN. A Gypsy Flamenco inspired choreography to a stunning composition.  I cannot name the composer as all efforts to find him/them have failed.  If you know who the artist is, please let me know.  Thanks Suezy


  NORTH POLE.  The Clauses.  Mary, Candy Cane and Snowflake dancing to "Chattanooga Choo Choo" by Glenn Miller.


The following videos are from the Cinch Dance Unlmited 2009 show "The Veil of Winter". 


















ABOVE: Carla's  Salsa Fusion solo from Art of Bellydance's End of Year Show 2007


ABOVE: Suezy's solo from Art of Bellydance's End of Year Show 2007 - her "masculine" alter ego got to come out and have a play with this piece.

More videos will be added in future so please check back often!

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