Cinch Dance Unlimited

A Dance Studio in Auckland offering teaching from three Bellydance Schools



Do I have to show my stomach?
No, of course not. Costuming is entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Below is an example of my favourite bellydance garment, the baladi dress, which I am wearing in the center.



What do I wear to general classes?
Comfortable exercise clothing, bare feet or soft dance shoes (see below for what to wear to Gypsy classes)

I am big/small/short/tall. Can I still learn to bellydance?
This is the one dance form that is for everyone. As you progress, you will learn to see yourself not as any of these things but as the beautiful and perfect person you already are.

What does your husband think of this bellydancing thing?
"It keeps you active and aware of your body" - from Suezy's husband Ian





My parents are concerned about me taking bellydance. What should I tell them?
This is not a sexual dance form; our purpose is to inspire confidence and a healthy body image in the young women of today, as well as give them a fun and interesting outlet for their creative energy.  In the above photo are my two daughters, they have been having fun with bellydance from a young age. 





Will I have to show my stomach?
No, costuming is a personal choice. Saiidi costuming will have you covered from head to toe or we dance in contemporary men's clothing, see above image.

I am your average Kiwi bloke. I have two left feet, can I learn?
Through dance you will no longer see yourself as average and we will find your right foot.

What should I wear to class?
Comfortable exercise trousers, T shirt, bare feet or soft soled shoes






What exactly IS Gypsy dancing?
It is a dance art that truly encompasses the world we live in today. We are no longer separated by distance, we live in a global society. Art reflects this, music reflects this and so does Gypsy dancing. There are many steps, styles and cultures which are represented.

A Gypsy dancer never limits herself/himself. They dance as the music dictates. Each piece of music is unique, therefore each Gypsy dance is unique.

What kind of Gypsy dancing do you teach?
I teach steps and styles from many cultures, I use music from many cultures. I particularly love cross cultural compilations (e.g. Indian, Arabic and flamenco together or Afro Celt). World Music is our inspiration.

What do I need to wear to Gypsy classes?
A Gypsy skirt that can be held out at shoulder height on both sides and still sweep the floor in front and behind. The skirt is how you express yourself; it is your prop.






Where does tribal style bellydance come from?

American Tribal Belly Dance was started about 20 years ago on the West Coast of America. 


What kind of Tribal do you teach?

I use a combination of core Tribal moves with lots of creative improvisation.


What do I need to wear to Tribal?

Comfortable clothing, bare feet or soft soled dance shoes. 

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