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Gold payette and beaded Galabeyas

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I love Galabeyas.  They are so comfortable to wear.  They look stunning and are so light and easy to dance in.  They are easy to use as a costume change.  They are showy and feminine.

I imported these from Egypt.  The fabric is a very stretchy lightweight knit with varying panels of gold.  The sleeves are 3/4 length over the arm with added triangles to create two flares.  The colar is stiffened and adorned heavily with beads and sequins.  The sleeves, side slits and hem all have beading and gold payettes running the whole way.

Measurement across chest goes from 86cm to 120cm (I actually stopped stretching but I could have kept going).  The hip measurement is identical to the chest measurement.  The side slits are 40cm from the hem.  Shoulder to hem is 135cm.

The chest measurements differ and I list the sizes below.  Plus some Galabeyas have two matching fabric scarves, some have one matching and a gold and the Red has two gold scarves.

Orange chest measurement is 96cm with two Orange scarves.

Lilac chest measurement is 102cm with two Lilac scarves.

Red chest measurement is 86cm with two Gold scarves.

Hot Pink chest measurement is 96cm with 1 Pink scarf and 1 Gold scarf.

Purple chest measurement is 94cm with two Purple scarves.

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