Cinch Dance Unlimited

A Dance Studio in Auckland offering teaching from three Bellydance Schools



Rachel, Crystalstar, Melissa, Suezy, Nadine and Doreen

performing at the Magic Carpet Tour show 2010



 Tribal Angels Suezy, Doreen and Hayley performing at the Veil of Winter Show 2009






"The Spirit of Tribal is Friendship"  

I would like to thank Pip E-Lysaah Bennington for the following explanation of Tribal. 

"What is Tribal Style Belly Dance?  There are many different answers to this question, but essentially Tribal Style Belly Dance is about a group of people belly dancing together using a vocabulary of cued moves.  The vocabulary of moves and the style those moves are performed in, tend to be specific to the group performing them.

So the vocabulary differs from group to group, but is based around a set of core moves developed by Fat Chance Belly Dance of the American Tribal Style or ATS.

However, it is the concept of many people dancing as one, using improvisation, that is the center of Tribal Style".


Melissa, Chelsea, Crystalstar, Nadine, Suezy and Rachel

performing at the Magic Carpet Tour Show 2010


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